Challenges Facing NHP Supply Chain Webinar

Non-human primates play a critical role in biomedical research, as most recently demonstrated by their use in the development of COVID vaccines and treatments. Ongoing supply shortages, however, continue to threaten their availability and – by extension – the important research in which they are involved. Watch now →


Coming Clean On Sterilization Webinar

Presented by
Cindy Buckmaster
Wayne DeSantis

The sterilization of cages, cage components, and associated vivarium equipment has long been an integral part of lab animal research protocols. Yet many factors and questions remain. For this webinar, Allentown partners with industry thought-leader Cindy Buckmaster for a review of sterilization best practices, followed by a sterilizer selection and integration discussion with Wayne DeSantis.

The Value of Enrichment

Presented by
Dr. Tim Mandrell

The provision of enrichment to the rodent housing environment is an important component of animal husbandry. Allentown recently partnered with board certified laboratory animal veterinarian, Dr. Tim Mandrell, to present a webinar detailing how enrichment can improve the living conditions of laboratory animals and provide them with opportunities to behave in ways that are specific to their species.

It's What's Inside That Counts Webinar

Presented by
Matthew Ruiter
Steve Miller, PE

Laboratory Animal Science professionals across the globe know that successful research is dependent upon knowledge and precision. The more precise the knowledge the better, especially when it comes to rodent behavior and the microenvironment of the cage, where visibility into specific conditions and animal activities can be especially difficult to obtain. Researchers seek this knowledge in order to minimize variables and manage risk, and therefore produce greater and more reliable research outcomes. This month, Allentown spotlights Unified Information Devices (UID), a leading provider of RFID identification and data collection solutions, in a webinar focused on their home cage monitoring solution, Allentown's Wi-Com InSight intra-cage monitoring solution, and other methodologies that can be used to obtain this valuable information.

The Power of Listening Webinar

Presented by:
Steven M. Niemi, DVM, DACLAM

Robert Gately famously said that "Effective communication starts with listening." And nowhere is the application of this precept more important than in the global debate over the necessity and value of research animals. In this webinar noted Laboratory Animal Science professional Steven M. Niemi, DVM, DACLAM will discuss how the two sides of this debate can better learn how to listen to one another and, if not agree, then perhaps come to an understanding of their divergent, yet equally held beliefs.

Research Anesthesia Solutions Webinar

Presented by:
Matt Leevy
Joshua Michael Edelstein

Research anesthesia products and practices are key components of the studies and protocols performed every day in Laboratory Animal Science. For the success of the research and the safety of the researchers, it is critical that the proper equipment is used in the appropriate ways. This month, Allentown introduces a new line of research anesthesia solutions, and partners with leading provider SOMNI Scientific and Dr. Matt Leevy of the University of Notre Dame to review best practices in their selection and use.

Sterilization Solutions Webinar

Presented by:
Tyler Caron, DVM
Jacquelyn Stathopoulos, MS, LATg

Though an integral part of research protocols, the selection and integration of a sterilization device can often pose significant challenges to facilities seeking the right equipment to work within their space and satisfy their research objectives. As new and improved products enter the market, decision-makers also need to choose a solution that will fit their budget as well as their need. This month, Allentown partners with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard for a review of the choices and challenges they faced when selecting and implementing a sterilizer for their gnotobiotics program.

The ABCs of LAA

Presented by
Dr. Tim Mandrell

Allentown partners with board certified laboratory animal veterinarian Dr. Tim Mandrell to present a webinar focused on this important topic, and including sources of laboratory animal allergy; conditions and procedures that increase the risk of personnel for exposure; and methods for avoiding or minimizing exposure through administrative procedures, engineering controls, and the use or personal protective equipment.

An Easy Solution: Single-Use Caging

Presented by
Dana E. Weir
Scott Hoy

Research facilities know the value of their animals and their research, and require housing options when considering the best and most effective ways in which to ensure the health and success of both. And whether the need is for facility wide installations, or options for satellite facilities, quarantine, BSL-2, or washroom disruption situations, single-use - or disposable - caging has come to the fore in recent years as a viable solution. This month, Allentown partners with the University of Missouri-Columbia to present a webinar on the choices available to researchers, and the specific way in which this facility employed single-use caging during a building renovation.

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