Allentown and Matachana Announce a Strategic Alliance in the Laboratory Animal Science Market

Allentown and Matachana group are pleased to announce an alliance in the USA and Germany, combining its dominant positions in laboratory animal science in both countries. Read entire story →

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Comparing Mouse Health Monitoring Between Soiled-bedding Sentinel and Exhaust Air Dust Surveillance Programs

Soiled-bedding sentinel animals (SBS) are traditionally used to monitor rodent colony health in research facilities. However, several pathogens go undetected through soiled bedding, and the act of collection is quite time consuming.

Cost Comparison of Rodent Soiled Bedding Sentinel and Exhaust Air Dust Health-Monitoring Programs

Animal research facilities have traditionally used soiled bedding sentinel (SBS) health-monitoring programs to detect and exclude adventitious pathogens that could affect research results; however, exhaust air dust (EAD) health-monitoring has been evaluated by several groups and proven to provide increased sensitivity for the detection of pathogens and to be more efficient in detecting pathogens when used as a complete replacement for traditional SBS programs.

Allentown Announces Creation of Capital Equipment Division

Allentown, the leading global partner to the biomedical research and laboratory animal science communities for more than 50 years, is proud to announce the creation of a new division which will further cement its reputation as a full solutions provider.

From Polio to Coronavirus - Institutions and Innovators Lead the Way Toward a Vaccine

In the 1940s and 1950s polio caused a world-wide health crisis as hundreds of thousands of people suffered from the debilitating virus; a virus which had no cure.

More Room. In the Same Room.

With the cost of floor space increasing with each passing year, every research facility in the Lab Animal Science industry understands the need to maximize cage density within their vivarium. Enter EasyCage® MAX and NexGen MAX, the new High Density IVC and Cage Systems from Allentown that increase cage density by 20% - using IVCs that are the same size and occupy the same footprint as our standard units.

European-Style Pen Enclosures for Macaques and Other Old World Monkeys

In recent years, the use of European-style pen enclosures for housing non-human primates (hereafter ‘primates’) has increased significantly, to the point where this type of housing system is replacing the more traditional one-over-one caging units in some facilities globally.

The Case for Enclosures

Allentown has produced NHP and large animal housing for more than half a century, and many of those original units – built in the late 60’s and early 70’s – are still in use today; a testament to the durable, reliable design and construction of all Allentown solutions.

Washing: The Heart of a Health Management Program

The health management program is a critical component of the global animal care and use program. It includes several components and its complexity depends on the variety of species, the type of research, the animal models used, their health status.

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