Improving Life - it’s in our DNA.

Over 51 years ago Michael A. Coiro Sr. started a business with his wife Dorothy. When Dorothy became ill and received life-prolonging treatments developed through breakthroughs with animal research models, in housing units very similar to the units Michael was producing, he obtained a sobering view of what was at stake.

Recent Stories


Allentown and A.CO

Allentown and A.CO recently decided to bring their partnership to the next level. On September 4th, 2019, Allentown officially became 100% owner of A.CO.


More Room. In the Same Room.

With the cost of floor space increasing with each passing year, every research facility in the Lab Animal Science industry understands the need to maximize cage density within their vivarium. Enter EasyCage® MAX and NexGen MAX, the new High Density IVC and Cage Systems from Allentown that increase cage density by 20% - using IVCs that are the same size and occupy the same footprint as our standard units.


The Allentown Video Series

Improving Life – it’s in our DNA is more than just a clever tagline. As told in the cover story of this newsletter, it’s the guiding principle that founded Allentown more than 50 years ago, and the yardstick by which, to this day, we measure success in everything we do.


Allentown Partners with Capital Partners

Allentown is pleased to announce our partnership with Capital Partners Holdings, Inc. (“Capital Partners”; Allentown (, a leading global provider of life science solutions, and Capital Partners, a private equity firm managing a $600 million fund focused on long-term equity investments in leading management-held businesses, will combine expertise and capital to help Allentown solidify and expand its position as the world leader in biomedical research support.