The Case for Enclosures

Allentown has produced NHP and large animal housing for more than half a century, and many of those original units – built in the late 60’s and early 70’s – are still in use today; a testament to the durable, reliable design and construction of all Allentown solutions. Read entire story →

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European-Style Pen Enclosures for Macaques and Other Old World Monkeys

In recent years, the use of European-style pen enclosures for housing non-human primates (hereafter ‘primates’) has increased significantly, to the point where this type of housing system is replacing the more traditional one-over-one caging units in some facilities globally.

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Washing: The Heart of a Health Management Program

The health management program is a critical component of the global animal care and use program. It includes several components and its complexity depends on the variety of species, the type of research, the animal models used, their health status.


FORESIGHT IN 2020: Rethinking the Future of Your Washroom

As research budgets grow tighter and tighter, the need for researchers to maximize resources and space looms larger and larger.

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Animal models and related bioexclusion / biocontainment requirements

An animal model is defined as a complex "biological system.” Because of this, the process of selecting appropriate animal models involves consideration of all its components and characteristics to ensure that they match the requirements of the experiment, and then that they are adequately maintained and monitored over the duration of the entire study.