Allentown Partners with UID To Introduce Home Cage Monitoring

Allentown, LLC has partnered with Unified Information Devices (UID), the leading provider of radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions. Read entire story →

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Are We Contributing to the Reproducibility Crisis?

The US government spends over $30 billion dollars per year on biomedical research, and about half of the work published is questionable because it can’t be reproduced by others.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Allentown is proud to spotlight the unique, RFID-enabled, home cage monitoring system offered by Unified Information Devices (UID), a leading provider of RFID identification and data collection solutions.

Closing the Loop. Targeting the Cage.

The safe and effective cleaning of cages, bottles, enrichment items, and other research-related accessories is essential in maintaining the health and welfare of research animals. And there are several elements to this process that must work in tandem to ensure that these accessories are cleaned to the highest levels.

The Value of Enrichment.

Enrichment generally includes the addition of objects, material or structure within the housing environment. These materials promote the expression of activities and behaviors that are typical and natural for that species and meet the behavioral, physical and physiologic needs of the animals being housed.

Standing Tall for Rodent Welfare

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) states that "Animals require sufficient space to rest and exercise, access food and water, and freely express normal postures and behaviours."

Rest Easy: The Importance of Selecting, Using, and Maintaining Research Anesthesia Solutions

Research anesthesia products, services, and practices are key components of the studies performed every day in Laboratory Animal Science.

Innovation Meets Efficacy. Allentown Sterilization Bags Help Make Cage Sterilization Safe, Simple, and Effective.

The success of biomedical research relies in no small measure on the ability of research institutions to conduct their studies with finely sterilized equipment and under the strictest guidelines relating to allergen containment and safety.

Is Your IVC Effectively Containing Laboratory Animal Allergens?

Studies have reported that 20 - 30 percent of lab animal workers experience some form of LAA-related allergic response, from mild reactions like rhinitis, skin and eye irritation, to more severe reactions.

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