Keeping it all inside, for close to 25 years.

The BCU-2 Sealed Negative Pressure IVC from Allentown is the premier Biocontainment IVC in the laboratory animal science industry.

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Over 1,000,000 environments for life-improving research and discovery.

Recently, Allentown celebrated the providing of our 1,000,000th and 1,000,001st research environments within our NexGen line.

Did You Know?

Phileas® Disinfection Case Study #1

Challenge: Prepare and execute a disinfection protocol for IVCs

Did You Know?

Disinfection Q&A:The What, Why, and How of Safe & Effective Use

The disinfection of equipment and surfaces is a critical component of safe and effective animal research. Its success depends upon the considered deployment of tools and chemicals that have been matched against a careful assessment of specific goals to ensure the safety of both animals and staff.


Long-Term Study Proves Efficiency of Allentown Sentinel EAD®

JAALAS ARTICLE — The University of Chicago put traditional and EAD methods to the test in a yearlong study using Allentown's IVC racks. This is the first and only long-term study to compare SBS and EAD colony surveillance by using EAD collection media on IVC racks in a working biomedical research barrier.